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Governance & Leadership


NEI is governed by a 49-member board of directors. The board includes representatives from the nation's 26 nuclear utilities, plant designers, architect/engineering firms and fuel cycle companies.

Eighteen members of the board serve on the executive committee, which is responsible for NEI's business and policy affairs.


John F. Young

President and Chief Executive Officer
Energy Future Holdings Corporation
Chairman, Nuclear Energy Institute

Christopher M. Crane

President and Chief Executive Officer
Exelon Corporation
Vice Chairman, Nuclear Energy Institute

Marvin S. Fertel

President and Chief Executive Officer

Alex Flint

Senior Vice President, Governmental Affairs

Ellen C. Ginsberg

Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Richard J. Myers

Vice President, Policy Development, Planning and Supplier Programs

J. Scott Peterson

Senior Vice President, Communications

Anthony R. Pietrangelo

Senior Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer

Joseph E. Pollock

Vice President, Nuclear Operations

Phyllis M. Rich

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Douglas J. Walters

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

Lisa I. Steward

Senior Director and Assistant Corporate Secretary