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Joseph E. Pollock

Vice President, Nuclear Operations
Joseph Pollock is the vice president of nuclear operations at the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), the organization responsible for establishing unified policy on matters affecting the nuclear energy industry.
Mr. Pollock has over 40 years of experience in nuclear power plant construction, startup, operation and recovery. This experience has included initial construction of both BWR and PWR units, startup testing of a BWR, electrical maintenance, mechanical maintenance, planning, ASME subcommittees, outage management, QA, modification, regulatory interface, steam generator replacement, training accreditation, INPO, license renewal and ITS. 
In 2012, Mr. Pollock was assigned by Entergy to NEI as a loaned executive in the position of vice president, and in 2013, he joined NEI fully as vice president of nuclear operations. He is currently responsible for executive oversight of activities including emergency planning, risk assessment, used fuel programs, radiation safety, environmental protection, and fuel and materials safety. He is also responsible for coordinating the nuclear industry’s Fukushima regulatory response, which includes interactions with the NRC in dealing with orders, rules and 50.54f request for information.
Mr. Pollock began his career in 1971 working on the construction of Salem Generating Station. Throughout his career with PSEG until 1999, he worked in various positions at Salem and Hope Creek nuclear energy facilities, including planning, maintenance, operations, outage and quality. 
Mr. Pollock served as site vice president at American Electric Power’s D.C. Cook reactors, and in 2004 joined the Institute of Nuclear Power Operators, where he was a senior representative and coordinator between INPO and six nuclear energy facilities, where he conducted independent review visits and provided recommendations to the leadership team.
From 2007-2011, Mr. Pollock was the vice president of operations for Entergy at Indian Point and was responsible for the overall operation of Indian Point’s two operating reactors and the maintenance of one decommissioned reactor. 
Mr. Pollock’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Glassboro State College. He holds a senior reactor operator certificate at Hope Creek. He also completed Columbia University’s Graduate Business Executive Management Program in 1998 and the Institute of Nuclear Power Operators’ Senior Nuclear Plant Management Course in 2000.