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Mission & Activities

NEI's mission is to foster the beneficial uses of nuclear technology before Congress, the White House and executive branch agencies, federal regulators, and state policy forums; proactively communicate accurate and timely information; and provide a unified industry voice on the global importance of nuclear energy and nuclear technology.

NEI’s objective is to ensure the formation of policies that promote the beneficial uses of nuclear energy and technologies in the United States and around the world.

For more information on NEI's mission, see the Statement of Purpose from NEI bylaws.

With member participation, NEI develops policy on key legislative and regulatory issues affecting the industry. NEI then serves as a unified industry voice before the U.S. Congress, executive branch agencies and federal regulators, as well as international organizations and venues. NEI also provides a forum to resolve technical and business issues for the industry. Finally, NEI provides accurate and timely information on the nuclear industry to members, policymakers, the news media and the public.

Industry Scope

The nuclear energy industry that NEI represents and serves includes: 

  • commercial electricity generation
  • nuclear medicine including diagnostics and therapy
  • food processing and agricultural applications
  • industrial and manufacturing applications
  • uranium mining and processing
  • nuclear fuel and radioactive materials manufacturing
  • transportation of radioactive materials
  • nuclear waste management.

Key Public Policy Issues

Issues of importance to NEI include:

  • ensuring a national energy policy that provides a diverse and reliable energy supply
  • increasing the strong public and policymaker support for nuclear energy
  • maintaining excellence in safe and reliable nuclear power plant operations worldwide
  • achieving a safety-focused, performance-based regulatory framework
  • capitalizing on nuclear energy’s intrinsic economic value
  • maximizing the value of nuclear generating assets in a competitive electricity market
  • attaining an integrated used fuel disposal program and a flexible low-level waste management approach
  • facilitating the relicensing of existing nuclear energy plants
  • building the next generation of nuclear power plants and technologies
  • supporting the disposition of surplus weapons fissile material.