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Statement of Purpose

"The purposes of the Institute are to foster and encourage the continued safe utilization and development of nuclear energy to meet the nation’s energy, environmental and economic goals and to support the nuclear energy industry by providing:

"Policy direction on critical issues, including regulation, legislation, congressional awareness/acceptance, waste, transportation and other critical activities;

"A unified nuclear energy industry approach to address and resolve nuclear regulatory issues and related technical matters to facilitate high levels of reliability and economic efficiency in nuclear power plant operations;

"Advocacy and representation before the Congress, executive branch agencies, regulatory bodies and state policy forums;

"Accurate and timely information to policy makers, the public and other constituencies to promote acceptance and recognition of nuclear energy’s role in the nation’s supply of safe, secure, dependable and economic electric energy;

"Assistance to the nuclear energy industry with regard to state issues such as environmental considerations and rates; and

"Encouragement to educational institutions to promote education in nuclear energy disciplines.”