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Instrumentation and Control Technician

An I&C technician is responsible for calibrating, testing, troubleshooting, reworking, modifying and inspecting nuclear plant instrumentation and control components and systems.

The Skills Needed

An I&C technician must be able to measure and maintain the reliability and performance of nuclear plant control systems and instruments involving such work as inspecting, testing and diagnosing the operation conditions of the various plant components.

The Education/Experience Needed

A high school diploma or GED is required, supplemented by specialized training in power plant instrument operation and maintenance. In addition, some employers require professional certifications.

On-the-Job Training

An I&C technician receives continuous on-the-job training.

A Competitive Salary

The median salary for an I&C technician is $53,480. Actual compensation may be higher due to overtime, bonuses and incentive compensation.

Source for salary data: Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2012