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Nuclear Uniform Curriculum Program

What is the Nuclear Uniform Curriculum Program?

The Nuclear Uniform Curriculum Program consists of a three-step approach to 1) quantify the need, 2) define the curriculum, and 3) Implement the right number of programs in each region. The intent is that graduates could be waived or exempted from portions of required initial training. Click here for more information on the Nuclear Uniform Curriculum Program.

For a list of schools participating in the Nuclear Uniform Curriculum Program, click here.

How can industry members join the Nuclear Uniform Curriculum Program?

Before forming a new partnership, industry members are encouraged to contact the NEI program manager, who will provide regional supply and demand data to help conduct a needs assessment for a new partnership and a current listing of industry partnerships in place or under development in that region. This coordination will help ensure all partnered programs are sustainable.

The NEI Program Manager for the Nuclear Uniform Curriculum Program is Elizabeth McAndrew-Benavides. She can be contacted via email or telephone, 202-739-8143.

NUCP Certificate Status

Partnerships must have a NUCP GAP analysis, an executed agreement of understanding and complete a challenge board prior to issuing certificates to graduates. Each education partner’s status, NUCP GAP analysis and agreement of understanding is available here.

What resources are available?

Leveraging resources will help streamline the development of the pipeline. Common curriculum, toolkits, lessons learned, and national work force data can provide insights into the types and number of programs needed to support the industry. Click here for Nuclear Uniform Curriculum Program resources.