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Fellowship Regulations

National Academy for Nuclear Training Fellowship Program
Regulations and Administrative Guidance


The National Academy for Nuclear Training was established to strengthen and unify the efforts of U.S. nuclear utilities to improve the performance and professionalism of nuclear plant personnel. It includes the training and educational activities of all U.S. nuclear utilities (the members of the Academy) and the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO). The Academy Fellowship Program provides support to deserving graduate students, particularly those demonstrating a potential for accepting employment in the nuclear utility industry following graduation. INPO provides administrative support for the Academy and administers this fellowship program, which is funded by Academy members.

Annual fellowship awards are based on a rigorous review and selection process. Universities submit proposals for their nuclear engineering and power generation health physics programs. Following recommendations by an independent review committee, INPO determines the final distribution. Award announcement letters are typically mailed to competing universities in February of the award year.

Fellowships are awarded directly to university departments. Departments then select student candidates, based on selection criteria in these Regulations , who become National Academy Fellows following approval by the National Academy.

1. Eligible Majors:
Nuclear engineering and power generation health physics graduate studies (fifth-year or master's level).

2. Fellowship Amount:

Each fellowship of $25,000 consists of a $21,000 stipend for the student and a $4,000 allowance for the department to help defray the cost of tuition, fees, and other expenses related to the student's course of  study. At the department's discretion, the entire $25,000 may constitute the stipend for the student.

3. Student Selection Criteria:

a. Students must meet the following eligibility requirements:

• nuclear engineering or power generation health physics major
• U.S. citizen
• full-time, on-campus enrollment
• good academic standing
• master’s or fifth-year level (fifth year of 5-year combined BS/MS program)
• no previous Academy fellowship support
• statement of intent to pursue employment in the nuclear power industry after graduation
• no post-graduation employment commitments (such as military, government employment, or other obligations)
• preference should be shown to students who have completed nuclear utility work experiences and who intend to pursue nuclear industry careers

b. Previous undergraduate support through the National Academy Scholarship Program is acceptable.

4. Fellowship Support Period:

a. Each fellowship is for one academic year or twelve-month period and is not renewable.

b. Each fellowship must be awarded to an eligible student during the academic year to which the fellowship applies.

c. Commencement of a fellowship support period generally occurs between August and January and ends no more than twelve months later.

5. University Reporting Date and Requirements for National Academy Concurrence:

To receive concurrence with student selections, university departments must identify students to the National Academy by July 15 of the award year as follows:

a. student name and completed biographical form signed by the student (sample attached) including:

• student's course schedule for the fellowship period
• student’s biographical information
• dates covered by the fellowship
• student’s statement of interest in employment in the nuclear power industry

b. brief description of criteria used by university for selecting the student Following review of submitted information, the National Academy will provide concurrence status to universities via electronic mail.

6. University Identification of Alternate Student Candidates:

a. To support as many eligible students as possible during a given year, the Academy desires to reallocate funds from university departments with fellowships but without students to university departments with students but without sufficient fellowships.

b. By July 15, universities are encouraged to provide names and supporting information, as described in item 5., for alternate students who would be eligible fellowship recipients should vacancies occur or additional funds become available.

c. Support for alternate students may or may not occur during a given year, based on availability of additional funds, such as relinquished fellowships.

d. Additional fellowship award decisions will be based on this identification of alternate students and the previous recommendations of the independent review committee.

7. Relinquished Fellowships: (Those without Identified Student Recipients):

a. If the university cannot identify a student recipient by July 15 of the respective award year, the university will relinquish the fellowship.

b. At the discretion of the National Academy, the relinquished fellowship may be assigned to another university with an identified eligible student for the respective academic year.

8. Student Withdrawal after Academy Concurrence:

a. If a student withdraws after start of a fellowship support period, or for some reason does not complete the designated course of study, the National Academy must be notified immediately.

b. Another eligible student at the respective university may fill the remainder of the fellowship following concurrence by the National Academy as described above. If another eligible student is not identified within 30 days after the fellowship is vacated, the remaining funds must be returned to INPO.

c. If a fellowship becomes vacant prior to commencement of the academic year and no alternate student is identified to fill the award, the fellowship will be relinquished immediately.

9. Award Sharing:
Each fellowship is awarded to one student. Two students may share one award, with advance permission from the National Academy. All selection and concurrence criteria described in these Regulations apply to both students.

10. Payment of Fellowship Funds:

a. Following National Academy concurrence with student selection, the full amount of the fellowship is available for payment to the nuclear engineering/health physics department. The department subsequently determines payment arrangements with the student over the duration of the fellowship support period.

b. Payment is available beginning September of the academic year, based on the following:

• receipt of student and university information
• National Academy concurrence with selected student
• receipt of written invoice

c. Unused portions of a fellowship (due to student withdrawal mid-year) will be returned to INPO, unless the university receives approval from INPO to substitute another eligible student.

d. Should a nominal surplus occur in the institutional portion of the award, those funds should be applied to the nuclear engineering/health physics department’s nuclear-related activities.

11. Exceptions to these Regulations may occur and will be handled on a case basis, with advance approval by the National Academy.

12. Required information, inquiries, and correspondence should be directed to:

Ann D. Winters
Educational Assistance Program
National Academy for Nuclear Training
700 Galleria Parkway, SE, Suite 100
Atlanta, Georgia 30339
(770) 644-8595