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NEA Mobile App

The NEA App helps attendees connect with each other like never before.

Download the NEA App Today!

You should have received an email with a three-step guide on how to download the app to your smartphone, tablet or laptop, and your login details.

In just a few clicks you will be able to:

  • Access the up-to-the-minute schedule
  • View speaker biographies
  • Access information on sponsors
  • Pinpoint exhibitors on the interactive exhibit hall floor plan
  • Connect directly with other attendees and exhibitors via the built-in messaging system 


Agenda: Listing of scheduled sessions and events. Navigate between days, search by session title and access speaker profiles.

Attendees: Search or scroll through the attendee list to locate other attendees' details. Search by name and company; contact them via Messaging option.

Speakers: List of speakers in alphabetical order, biographies and photos. Search by name or company, and access speaker sessions.

Sponsors: View a complete listing of NEA sponsors and access their information and websites.

Exhibitor Features: Access a list of all exhibitors and TIP Award Winners.  Use the "Floor Plan" feature to see exactly where they are located in the exhibit hall and add those exhibitors you don't want to miss to your "My Exhibitors" listing.

Messaging: Contact other event participants and receive messages.

My Notes: Take notes during sessions and email them to yourself so that you have them for later use.

Documents: Presentations and other documents will be available after the meeting. Scroll through a list of available presentations and view them in a document viewer. All documents can be downloaded to the attendee's mobile device. You can select your favorite presentations and save them in "My Briefcase" for future use, or email them to yourself.

My Profile: Default is set to allow receiving messages. If you want to display your email and phone number which was provided on the registration form, it has to be manually activated. Please select ON if you want to be contacted via your email address and phone number.

Info Booth: Useful information about NEA event operations, dress code, transport, venues and recommended restaurants.

Session Q&A: Submit questions about the subject that you are most interested in and to the speaker you want. 

Surveys: NEI would like to hear your opinion and feedback.

City Guide: Information about accommodation, bars and cafes, museums and galleries, shopping and practical information about Scottsdale. 

Social: Connect with NEI via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

My Briefcase: Save your favorite presentations/documents for future reference and email the list for download on your PCs.

App support: NEI staff are happy to help before, during and after NEA.  If you need assistance before the meeting starts or at any point throughout the conference, please contact NEI staff at