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Resources for New Market Entrants

Supply Chain Map – Nuclear Reactor Components

As a result of the resurgence of nuclear energy across the country and around the world, many new manufacturers are entering the industry. Significant opportunities are available for companies interested in serving this growing market. It is NEI’s goal to provide new entrants with tools to help them to successfully integrate their products into the nuclear supply chain. 

Quality Assurance Programs and Nuclear Manufacturing Standards

Many components manufactured for a nuclear plant are subject to specific “nuclear grade” standards designed to meet exacting safety criteria.  “Nuclear grade” refers to a process of rigorous manufacturing quality assurance for those components that are especially critical to reactor safety.  Manufacturing standards ensure that the structures, systems, components, and controls of a facility can be relied on to remain functional and follow design basis under rigorous conditions.

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Outreach Events

Join industry leaders in reactor design, engineering, construction and procurement to learn how to become part of this growing dynamic market at the Nuclear Manufacturing Outreach Workshops. These events provide a unique opportunity to interact with key decision-makers from leading firms.

Workshop participants discuss the market outlook for the nuclear sector and requirements for companies entering the market, and interact directly with key procurement staff. More information is available in the Conferences and Meetings section of this Web site.