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New Nuclear Energy Facilities

The U.S. Department of Energy projects that U.S. electricity demand will rise 28 percent by 2040. That means our nation will need hundreds of new power plants to provide electricity for our homes and continued economic growth. Maintaining nuclear energy's current 20 percent share of generation would require building one reactor every year starting in 2016, or 20 to 25 new units by 2040, based on DOE forecasts.

Building New Nuclear Facilities

Companies building the next nuclear plants will proceed in a phased process, increasing their investment in the project as they become more certain it is the right course of action.

Economic Benefits of New Nuclear Facilities

Communities and states enjoy considerable economic benefits when they host new nuclear plants, including hundreds of jobs and an expanded tax base.

Need for New Nuclear Facilities

Concerns about rising electricity demand and clean air are among the factors driving interest in new nuclear plants. Nuclear energy is the only electricity source that can generate electricity 24/7 reliably, efficiently and with no greenhouse-gas emissions.

New Plant Licensing

The NRC has established an efficient new process for licensing nuclear power plants, giving the public opportunities for early participation and ensuring that safety is foremost throughout the process.

New Reactor Designs

The NRC has certified several reactor designs as meeting all safety requirements, and the agency expects to certify two more designs in the near term.

Small Reactor Designs

Small nuclear reactors are attracting the attention of government officials, regulators and energy leaders as a potential addition to the nation’s energy mix.