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New Reactor Designs

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has certified several reactor designs as meeting all safety requirements, and the agency expects to certify two more designs in the near term.

Near-Term Advanced Nuclear Plant Designs
The nuclear industry has developed several advanced reactor designs that can be ready to meet U.S. generating needs by 2015.


The U.S. EPR is 1,600-megawatt pressurized water reactor. AREVA submitted this design to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission in December 2007 for review and certification.

The ABWR is a 1,350- to 1,600-megawatt boiling water reactor. The NRC has certified the design.

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy ESBWR

The ESBWR is a 1,520-megawatt boiling water reactor. The NRC is reviewing this design for certification.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. US-APWR

The US-APWR is a 1,700-megawatt pressurized water reactor. Mitsubishi submitted this design to the NRC for review and certification in December 2007.

Westinghouse AP1000

The AP1000 is a 1,117-1,154 megawatt pressurized water reactor. The NRC has certified the design.

Longer-Term Advanced Nuclear Plant Designs

The industry also is developing highly advanced new reactors based on new technologies. Some could be ready for commercial use in the United States by the end of the next decade, while others are expected to be available after 2020.