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Fact sheets offer relatively short but thorough and well-researched papers on various nuclear energy topics. They provide a fast way to get on top of some of the hottest topics impacting the legislative, regulatory and industrial spheres without bias or spin.

One of the key jobs of NEI is to develop policy on nuclear energy so that the nuclear energy industry is well-represented on Capitol Hill, The White House, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and many other government agencies and regulatory bodies. Policy Briefs describe and explain NEI's views on new plant development, plant operations, used fuel management and many other topics impacting the industry.

NEI releases white papers on the economics of nuclear energy and policies that support plant development. They are longer than Fact Sheets and go into greater detail on some similar topics. They are required reading for those wanting a deep dive into a variety of topics, particularly those involving the economics of the industry.

NEI reports and studies address public opinion, used fuel management and the economics of nuclear energy.

One of NEI's most popular series is the PowerPoint presentations that use the popular slideshow  software to cover many different topics of interest to professionals, government figures and researchers. They compile a lot of information from many different sources to explain the state of the nuclear industry.