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Fact Sheets

Nuclear Energy’s Benefits

Quick Facts: Nuclear Energy in America

New Nuclear Energy Facilities Will Support Growth, Provide Clean Electricity

Small Reactors Provide Clean, Safe Power and Industrial Process Heat


Protecting the Environment

Nuclear Energy and the Environment

Water Use and Nuclear Power Plants



Market-Driven Reactor Shutdowns Threaten Local Economies

Nuclear Power Plants Contribute Significantly to State and Local Economies

Insurance: Price-Anderson Act Provides Effective Liability Insurance at No Cost to the Public



Licensing New Nuclear Power Plants

Relicensing Nuclear Energy Facilities

License Amendments Control Changes at Nuclear Energy Facilities


Safety and Security

Safety: Nuclear Industry Responds to Fukushima Accident

Safety: The Nuclear Energy Industry’s Highest Priority

Preventing the Proliferation of Nuclear Materials

Nuclear Power Plant Security


Earthquake Safety

U.S. Nuclear Energy Facilities Built to Withstand Earthquakes

FAQ: Another Look at Seismic Safety for Nuclear Energy Facilities


Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Planning: Emergency Preparedness at Nuclear Energy Facilities

Nuclear Energy Facilities Reassess Potential Flooding Hazards    

Nuclear Energy Facilities Well Protected Against Hurricanes

Fire Protection: Nuclear Energy Facilities Meet Strict Standards

Through the Decades: History of US Nuclear Energy Facilities Responding to Extreme Natural Challenge

Chernobyl Accident and Its Consequences

Japan: Comparing Chernobyl and Fukushima

The TMI 2 Accident: Its Impact, Its Lessons


Radiation Safety

Radiation: Standards and Organizations Provide Safety for Public and Workers

Radon Safety Measures in Uranium Mining

Peer-Reviewed Science on Radiation Health Effects Dispels ‘Tooth Fairy Project’

Science Proves Potassium Iodide Not Needed Beyond 20 Miles of a Nuclear Power Plant

Steps for Public Safety Against a ‘Dirty Bomb’


Used Fuel and Nuclear Waste Management

Safely Managing Used Nuclear Fuel

Decommissioning Nuclear Energy Facilities

Disposal of Commercial Low-Level Radioactive Waste

Experience, Testing Confirm Transportation of Used Nuclear Fuel Is Safe, Reliable

Used Nuclear Fuel in Storage at Shutdown Reactors

Status of Used Nuclear Fuel Storage at U.S. Commercial Nuclear Plants

Used Fuel Storage Pools at Nuclear Energy Facilities Are Safe


Myths and Facts About Nuclear Energy

Economics & Financing

Energy Supply


New Plants



Used Fuel