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White Papers

NEI releases white papers on the economics of nuclear energy and policies that support plant development. See recent white papers below, or search the archives for more.

This series of briefing papers provide facts about the clean energy investment incentives created by Title XVII of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, including taxpayer protections, the benefits of loan guarantees and aspects of a successful program. They also contrast nuclear and renewable loan guarantees.

This NEI white paper describes the U.S. Government and Nuclear Energy Industry Response to the Fukushima Accident.

The main beneficiaries of more than $800 billion of federal energy incentives over the past six decades have been the oil and natural gas industries, a newly updated study reveals.

This report discusses the infrastructure financing tool called "construction work in progress," or "CWIP," that supports new plant construction by allowing recovery of financing costs during construction and ultimately reducing the cost of electricity to consumers.