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Public Opinion

NEI-sponsored research provides a unique database on attitudes toward nuclear energy. It is the only source of long-term trend data on the wide variety of questions that are needed to measure and fully understand the different facets of public opinion about nuclear energy.


Americans Voice Strong, Sustained Support for Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy Crucial for U.S. Electricity Future

Public backing for nuclear energy’s role in meeting future electricity needs remains strong according to the latest semi-annual public opinion survey conducted by Bisconti Research Inc. and Quest Global Research. The Sept. 5-15, 2013, NEI-commissioned poll shows 82 percent of Americans feel nuclear energy will play an important role in meeting the country’s future electricity needs, and half believe this importance will increase with time. In addition, 84 percent of respondents favor renewing operating licenses for nuclear power plants that continue to meet federal safety standards, and 77 percent believe that nuclear power plants operating in the United States are safe and secure, a four percentage point increase from last February.

Plant Neighbors Voice High Approval for
Consolidated Storage

Americans living near commercial nuclear energy facilities overwhelmingly agree the federal government should retool its program for managing used fuel rods from nuclear power plants to focus on consolidating the fuel at storage centers while the government develops a permanent disposal facility.

Public opinion on this issue is among the key findings from a new nationwide survey of residents within 10 miles of nuclear energy facilities.

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