Fact Sheets

Ex-Im Bank Reauthorization - Key Points

NEI Fact Sheet on the Ex-Im Bank.  The Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank) is one of the country’s most important tools to increase exports and create jobs.  The benefits of its programs to the U.S. economy are plain:  In fiscal year 2013, Ex-Im Bank authorized $27.3 billion to enable $37.4 billion in U.S. exports worldwide, thereby supporting a total of more than 205,000 American jobs.  Ex-Im Bank reduces the federal deficit by hundreds of millions of dollars.  In fiscal year 2013, the Bank transferred $1.06 billion in revenues to the U.S. Treasury's general fund.  Doubts about Ex-Im Bank’s future hurt the competitiveness U.S. nuclear exporters today.  Ex-Im has been operating under a series of short-term extensions with only a modest increase to its lending cap.  A long-term extension would reassure customers of U.S. commercial nuclear exports that the Bank is reliable.