Fact Sheets

Setting the Record Straight: NEI Responds to AP Series on Nuclear Energy, July 7, 2011

The Nuclear Energy Institute criticized the Associated Press for selective and misleading reporting in a series of articles on U.S. nuclear power plant safety. The coverage has factual errors, fails to cite relevant reports on safety that contradict the reporting, and raises questions about historic operating issues while ignoring more recent evidence of improved performance in areas that it examines. NEI has compiled key facts on nuclear plant safety that rebut the claims in the recent articles by The Associated Press: Part 1: “U.S. Nuke Regulators Weaken Safety Rules,” June 20, 2011 Part 2: “U.S. Nuke Sites Have Had Tritium Leaks, Often Into Groundwater,” June 21, 2011 Part 3: “Populations Around U.S. Nuke Plants Soar,” June 23, 2011 Part 4: “NRC and Industry Rewrite Nuke History,” June 24, 2011