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Nuclear Industry CNOs Visit Japanese Counterparts

Chief nuclear officers representing all of America’s operating commercial nuclear energy facilities participated Sept. 8-14 in safety-focused dialogue and nuclear plant visits that included tours of the Fukushima Daiichi and Daini plant sites in Japan. The unprecedented collective exchange among more than 20 U.S. chief nuclear officers and their Japanese counterparts was conducted so the American contingent could see first-hand the impact of the 2011 Fukushima event, as well to facilitate lesson sharing and discuss ways to improve the safety culture within the U.S. and Japan nuclear energy sectors.

US and Japanese CNOs in Japan

US CNOs and their Japanese Couterparts

NEI held a media briefing on Oct. 1 to update reporters on their experiences in Japan. Topics included:

  • an update on Daiichi’s efforts to stabilize the site, including water contamination efforts
  • in light of the markedly different outcomes at the Daiichi and Daini sites, an assessment of site leadership response to the earthquake and tsunami conditions
  • a contextualized review of the utility of industry’s FLEX strategy to respond safely to severe events, regardless of their cause.

Media Briefing Materials and Transcripts


NEI radiation expert Ralph Andersen on the water challenges
at Fukushima Daiichi


Peter Sena, Chief Nuclear Officer (CNO) of First Energy, reflects on the lessons of Fukushima after taking part in the U.S.-Japan CNO Summit.

NEI's Nuclear Notes Blog also has several entries from CNOs about their observations while in Japan.