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Alliance for Energy & Economic Growth Calls for Comprehensive National Energy Policy

The Alliance for Energy and Economic Growth announced its formation today. The Alliance seeks to build support for the adoption and implementation of a comprehensive, market-based energy policy that uses all forms of energy to meet consumer demand for reliable energy at reasonable prices, while at the same time ensuring the quality of the environment. The following statement regarding the Alliance is from Joe F. Colvin, president and chief executive officer of the Nuclear Energy Institute:

"America’s economic prosperity and national security—and the quality of life of its citizens—all depend on the availability of reliable, affordable energy. Increasing domestic energy supplies and enhancing our energy infrastructure are the critical components of a balanced and forward-looking national energy strategy.

"As a member of the Alliance, we will encourage investment in energy technologies that improve efficiency, increase output and protect the environment.

"Many of the energy policies in place today are legacies of an older economy and out-of-date practices. As we move forward, satisfying our national energy needs will require new policies to help stimulate the development of a more modern energy infrastructure. We look forward to seeing Vice President Cheney’s Energy Task Force report, which we anticipate will provide for a balanced and comprehensive national energy policy that will help meet the energy demands of America’s modern economy, families and businesses."

Additional information about the Alliance will be posted soon on its new Web site:


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