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Bipartisan House of Representatives Vote Reaffirms Yucca Mountain Repository Site

WASHINGTON—The following is a statement by Joe F. Colvin, NEI president and chief executive officer, on the U.S. House of Representatives’ 306-117 vote on H.J. Resolution 87 approving the Yucca Mountain, Nev., site as the nation’s repository for used nuclear fuel:

“The House of Representatives today affirmed the future of a vital national energy and environmental project at Yucca Mountain, Nev. The House, in a clear bipartisan signal to the U.S. Senate, supports the science-based decision to build a national repository 1,000 feet under the Nevada desert, and recognizes the safety and security of the transportation system that will move nuclear byproducts from 39 states to the facility.

“Democrats and Republicans alike voted for this sensible approach to centralizing the nuclear byproducts of our U.S. defense applications like nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines, research programs, and nuclear power plants that produce electricity for 20 percent of Americans. Together with support from a bipartisan group of the nation’s governors and state legislators, the House of Representatives’ endorsement of Yucca Mountain sets the stage for the Yucca Mountain suitability vote by the U.S. Senate.

“The nuclear technology industry greatly appreciates the leadership of the Energy and Commerce Committee, which started the House review with a 41-6 vote, particularly Reps. Billy Tauzin, John Dingell, Joe Barton and Rick Boucher. The industry urges the leadership of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and the full Senate to consider the Yucca Mountain resolution with similar resolve and with respect to the explicit procedures in the Nuclear Waste Policy Act for fair and prompt consideration of the bill.”


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