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Nuclear Energy Institute
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 06, 2001
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Democrats’ Energy Bill Rightly Recognizes Essential Role of Nuclear Energy

WASHINGTON—Senate Democrats, led by Majority Leader Tom Daschle and Energy Committee Chairman Jeff Bingaman, yesterday unveiled the Energy Policy Act of 2001, comprehensive legislation aimed at balancing energy production and energy efficiency. The following comments on the legislation are from John Kane, senior vice president of the Nuclear Energy Institute:

"The nuclear energy industry commends Majority Leader Daschle, Senator Bingaman and the Democratic senators who joined with them in proposing urgently needed energy legislation that supports nuclear energy’s vital role in our nation’s diverse portfolio of energy sources. These senators rightly have recognized that nuclear energy plays an essential role in helping our nation achieve its economic and environmental goals.

"The recommendations that have been made to enhance nuclear energy research and development, and to invest in university nuclear science and engineering programs, are tremendously valuable in advancing a secure energy future for our nation. People need reliable, affordable electricity that doesn’t pollute the air.

"This legislation is an important first step. As deliberations on energy policy move forward in Congress, it is imperative that we build on these early initiatives to develop a coherent energy policy that will provide Americans with the strength and security that comes from a diverse portfolio of energy sources.

"We applaud the leadership exhibited this week by these Democrats. And we look forward to working with Congress and the White House in shaping bipartisan solutions to help our nation increase its reliance on nuclear power as part of our long-term energy strategy."


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