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Dominion's Kewaunee Closing Reflects Situation Unique to Company, NEI Says

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Nuclear Energy Institute’s president and chief executive officer, Marvin Fertel, made the following remarks in reaction to Dominion’s announcement today that it plans to close and decommission its Kewaunee Power Station in Wisconsin. The facility is expected to cease power production in the second quarter of 2013. This would be the first closing of a U.S. nuclear energy facility since the shutdown of the Millstone 1 reactor in Connecticut in 1998.

“Nuclear energy remains a reliable, cost-effective producer of electricity for America’s homes and our economy. As stated by Dominion, the company’s decision to close Kewaunee is based on the fact that it did not acquire additional reactors in the Midwest markets, so it could not achieve the economy of scale needed to be economical in that low-price power market.

“Dominion is one of the best nuclear energy facility operators in the country and is committed to nuclear energy in other states it serves as part of the company’s electricity portfolio. Nuclear energy is vital to meet America’s growing electricity needs today and to ensure the secure, reliable and low-carbon power for decades to come. Nuclear energy facilities lead the electric utility sector in reliability and are among the lowest cost electricity producers for American families and the economy. They will play a vital role as America transitions to a lower-carbon electricity portfolio.”