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Exelon Corp. Receives Robert K. Campbell Award for Excellence in Congressional Information Programs

SANTA MONICA—Exelon Corp. has been awarded the Robert K. Campbell Award for excellence in its congressional relations program on nuclear energy issues. The award, announced at the Nuclear Energy Institute’s annual conference being held here, recognizes industry members that have developed outstanding and effective congressional relations programs.

“Exelon’s congressional outreach efforts increased the breadth and depth of knowledge on Capitol Hill during last year’s deliberations over Yucca Mountain,” Joe Colvin, NEI’s president and chief executive officer, remarked when presenting the award to Exelon President and Chief Operating Officer Oliver Kingsley.

“Your team successfully urged congressional staff members to visit Yucca Mountain and see for themselves the suitability of that site for a used nuclear fuel disposal facility. Exelon also provided an abundance of information that helped lawmakers make an informed judgment in support of Yucca Mountain that serves the nation’s energy interests.”

Exelon also provided frequent tours of its nuclear facilities for members of Congress and state leaders in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. These tours have been crucial in helping policymakers understand strong security measures at nuclear power plants.

Created in 1991 to help promote the development and enhancement of individual company congressional education programs, the award is named in honor of Robert K. Campbell. As chairman and CEO of Pennsylvania Power and Light, Campbell was an early industry leader in advocating active communications with government.


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