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Nuclear Energy Institute
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 20, 2008
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Fertel Elected Executive Vice President At Nuclear Energy Institute

NEW YORK—Marvin S. Fertel has been elected executive vice president at the Nuclear Energy Institute, the industry organization responsible for establishing unified nuclear industry policy on matters affecting the nuclear energy industry.

The NEI Executive Committee voted on Feb. 20 to promote Fertel to the new role of executive vice president in addition to serving as the organization’s chief nuclear officer.
“Marv has been a dynamic leader in establishing regulatory and technical policy for the industry. He has worked with his peers in the industry to bring exceptionally strong and innovative management to issues such as new reactor regulation, nuclear plant safety and security, and component material assurance issues,” said Frank L. (Skip) Bowman, president and chief executive officer at NEI.
Fertel has been an executive at NEI or its predecessor organizations since 1990, including in the role of senior vice president and CNO since 2003. He has 35 years of experience consulting to electric utilities on issues related to plant design, siting, licensing and management of both fossil and nuclear plants.
Fertel is responsible for leading NEI’s programs related to ensuring an effective and safety-focused regulatory process. Among the programs he directs for the benefit of U.S. and international commercial reactors are addressing generic nuclear plant technical issues; and maintaining excellence in nuclear plant security.
He also is responsible for overseeing NEI’s activities related to the stewardship of used nuclear fuel and other by-products, including achieving success in the U.S. government’s program for the storage and ultimate disposal of used nuclear fuel.
Under Fertel’s leadership, NEI also leads industry programs promoting policies to achieve a long-term economic supply of nuclear fuel and for implementing policy initiatives and industry programmatic activities that support the development of new commercial nuclear projects.

Fertel also has worked in executive positions with organizations such as Ebasco, Management Analysis Co., and Tenera. In November 1990 he joined the U.S. Council for Energy Awareness as Vice President, Technical Programs. With the formation of NEI in 1994, he became NEI’s Vice President of Nuclear Economics and Fuel Supply. He assumed his current position as head of the Nuclear Generation Division at NEI in March 2003.
Fertel received a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Northeastern University in Boston and a master of science in civil engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Technology. He has participated in the doctorate of public administration program at New York University.


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