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House Appropriations Panels Approval of Energy and Water Appropriations Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The House Appropriations Committee today approved an energy and water development appropriations measure for fiscal year 2009. The following statement of reaction is from the Nuclear Energy Institute’s senior vice president for governmental affairs, Alex Flint:

“The nuclear energy industry is excited about the Appropriations Committee’s approval of the 2009 energy and water funding bill. It reflects a solid investment in nuclear power as one of the clean, reliable energy sources that our nation must increasingly rely upon to achieve our energy and environmental goals.

“The industry also greatly appreciates the tremendous support for nuclear energy expressed by House appropriators today, particularly by Chairman Peter Visclosky and ranking member David Hobson. They clearly recognize that our nation faces urgent challenges with regard to energy policy and future energy security, and they are working together to set America on a course for success.

“It is fantastic that the committee is extending the Department of Energy’s loan guarantee authority for new nuclear power plants by two years, through fiscal year 2011, and also increasing the loan guarantee authority for energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. The clean-energy loan guarantee program authorized by the Energy Policy Act of 2005 will help encourage the construction of advanced nuclear power plants that avoid carbon emissions and provide electricity to help meet the U.S. economy’s baseload energy needs.

“The availability of loan guarantees to facilitate debt financing on reasonable terms for the first wave of nuclear plant license applications will help reduce uncertainties surrounding these capital-intensive projects, and ultimately will lower the cost of the electricity produced by these new power plants to the consumer.

“We also applaud the full funding of the Energy Department’s nuclear waste management program at the requested level of $494.7 million. The planned Yucca Mountain, Nevada, repository is a key component of the integrated used-fuel management strategy.”