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Industry: Congress Should Provide Essential Refinements to Nuclear Waste Program

WASHINGTON—The following is a statement by Joe F. Colvin, president and chief executive officer of the Nuclear Energy Institute, on the United States Senate's imminent consideration of S. 1287, the Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act

Given the pressing need for the federal government to meet one of the nation's top environmental challenges, the nuclear energy industry applauds the leadership of the Senate for scheduling action on the Nuclear Waste Policy Act. Passage of S.1287 will help assure that nuclear energy, the nation's largest source of emission-free electricity, can continue to help the nation meet its ambitious economic and environmental goals in the 21st century.

"Continued inaction on this important environmental issue is not acceptable. Consumers of nuclear power since 1983 have committed $16 billion for the environmentally preferable solution of safely isolating used fuel from commercial nuclear power plants at one location, where it would be easier to monitor and regulate. The American people have done their part. Now, Congress can provide the bipartisan leadership needed to make this federal disposal facility a reality.

"Scientific and engineering studies of the proposed disposal facility site at Yucca Mountain are positive, and the site is promising. By passing S. 1287, Congress can provide essential refinements to the federal program that improve protection of public health and safety and maintain the schedule and budget for the secure movement and management of used nuclear fuel.

"The electric power industry urges members of both sides of the aisle to vote in favor of S. 1287."


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