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Industry Welcomes President’s Call to Diversify Energy Portfolio With Greater Use of Nuclear Power

WASHINGTON—The Nuclear Energy Institute’s president and chief executive officer, Frank L. “Skip” Bowman, made the following statement in response to President Bush’s State of the Union remarks about nuclear energy.

“President Bush’s comments highlight the important role that nuclear energy must play in a comprehensive national energy policy centered on a diverse portfolio of energy sources. We share the view held by the President and by numerous lawmakers in both parties that America’s future energy security depends in part on increased use of nuclear energy to simultaneously meet the growing demand for baseload electricity and help keep the air clean.

“The majority of greenhouse gas reductions being achieved in the electric power sector are being realized through increased electricity production at the 103 nuclear power plants operating in 31 states. Overall, nearly three-fourths of the electricity produced in the United States from sources that don’t emit regulated pollutants or greenhouse gases comes from nuclear energy.

“Our industry is making considerable progress to meet future energy and environmental challenges by laying the groundwork for new, advanced-design nuclear power plants. There are 14 companies or consortia that are preparing federal license applications for as many as 32 possible new reactors that would be built over the next two decades. A number of sites for potential new reactors have been announced in recent months, and local reaction has been extremely positive.

“Much work remains to be done to implement the nuclear-specific provisions of the comprehensive energy legislation enacted in 2005. And timely decisions on when and where to build advanced-design nuclear plants depend on full funding of the Department of Energy’s Nuclear Power 2010 program, full implementation of the Title XVII loan guarantee program, and full funding authorization for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the oversight agency that will evaluate new plant license applications.

“The nuclear industry is looking forward to working with the administration and Congress in the months ahead as we continue to develop this next phase of our national energy policy.”


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