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Nuclear Energy Institute
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Industry Welcomes President's Call to Expand Supply of Reliable, Affordable Nuclear Energy

WASHINGTON—The Nuclear Energy Institute’s president and chief executive officer, Skip Bowman, made the following statement in response to President Bush’s State of the Union remarks about nuclear energy.

“President Bush’s comments on nuclear energy are a positive sign that the United States should seek to expand our nation’s reliance on this emission-free source of electricity. We share the President’s belief that America’s future energy security depends in large part on a diverse portfolio of energy sources that keeps us from being overly dependent on one or two fuel sources.

“Knowing that the President’s favorable view of nuclear energy is widely shared in Congress by Republicans and Democrats alike and by our citizens across the country, our industry is determined to rise to the challenge of fostering sustained economic growth and achieving long-term energy security for our nation. Several utility companies already are identifying potential new plant sites and testing new federal licensing processes for advanced-design nuclear power plants. The industry anticipates building 12 to 15 new nuclear plants by 2015.

“The nuclear industry is looking forward to working with the administration and Congress in the months ahead as we continue to develop this next phase of our national energy policy.”


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