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Industry Welcomes White Houses Intent to Nominate Apostolakis, Magwood to NRC

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Obama Administration announced on Friday its intent to nominate George Apostolakis and William Magwood to serve as commissioners on the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Following is a statement by Tony Pietrangelo, NEI’s senior vice president and chief nuclear officer, on the announcement of the planned nominations.

“The administration’s nominees to serve on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission are qualified leaders on nuclear technology issues and have the breadth of experience necessary for an agency that effectively oversees the nation’s commercial nuclear industry.

“The industry is particularly pleased that the NRC will be fully staffed at the commissioner level. The NRC operated at its best when there is a collegial dialogue on the issues among the full complement of commissioners.

“The industry’s first priority is operating 104 reactors safely and reliably. As the industry proceeds with the license applications for new reactors, uranium enrichment facilities and other commercial nuclear energy facilities, it is critically important that the NRC ensures the stability and predictability of the regulatory process.

“It is also vital that the NRC effectively meets the challenge of incorporating thousands of new staff at a time when it is reviewing more permits than in the past two decades. Accomplishing the knowledge transfer among its staff and promoting regulatory stability and predictability is necessary for the NRC to continue to be an effective regulator and provide the oversight that has helped achieve the safest and most reliable nuclear energy program in the world.”