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Nuclear Energy Institute
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 24, 2005
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Joe Colvin Named President Emeritus Of the Nuclear Energy Institute

WASHINGTON—Joe F. Colvin has been named president emeritus of the Nuclear Energy Institute by the Executive Committee of NEI’s Board of Directors. Colvin retired earlier this month as NEI’s president and chief executive officer after nine years heading the policy organization for the U.S. nuclear energy industry. He was succeeded by retired Admiral Frank L. (Skip) Bowman.

As president emeritus, Colvin will continue to be an advocate for nuclear energy in Washington. D.C., and in other venues and forums.

“Knowing that Joe fully intends to remain active in nuclear energy issues, even in retirement, the NEI Executive Committee wants to appropriately recognize Joe’s contributions to industry excellence and facilitate future contributions,” said W. George Hairston III, chairman of the NEI Board of Directors and chairman at Southern Nuclear Operating Co. “By naming him president emeritus, we can use the relationships and reputation that Joe developed over the course of his career to advance the cause of nuclear energy and, in turn, strengthen America’s energy security.”

In a statement entered into the Congressional Record on Feb. 8, U.S. Rep. Joe Barton of Texas, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, praised Colvin for his dedication and commitment to the nuclear energy industry.

“Mr. Colvin has led the industry through a period of extraordinary change. When he began (at NEI), the future of nuclear energy was by no means certain … Recent events have proven dramatically different. Today, our country’s 103 reactors are essential to the stability of our electricity supply and our clean air,” Barton said.

“Several companies have begun to explore possibilities for licensing new nuclear power plants in the United States. This transformation is a testament to Mr. Colvin’s vision and diligence.”

Sen. Pete Domenici of New Mexico, chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, voiced similar sentiments in a statement entered into the Congressional Record on Feb. 10.

“Mr. Colvin has provided more than 40 years of service to our nation, first as a submarine officer in the U.S. Navy and later in the commercial nuclear energy industry,” Domenici said. “Although Mr. Colvin is quick to acknowledge the accomplishments of others, his own work on behalf of the nuclear energy industry has paid enormous dividends. Through frequent testimony before congressional committees, conversations with senior government officials and countless others, he has educated many about the value of nuclear energy and the promise it holds.”

One hundred and three nuclear power plants operating in 31 states supply electricity to one of every five U.S. homes and businesses, and they are by far the largest clean source of electricity in the nation.


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