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Nuclear Energy Institute
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 04, 2004
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NEI’s Joe Colvin Honored With American Nuclear Society’s Award for Visionaries

WASHINGTON—Joe F. Colvin, the Nuclear Energy Institute’s president and chief executive officer, was honored yesterday as one of three recipients of the American Nuclear Society’s Future Vision Award. The award recognizes visionaries who have demonstrated their dedication to the nuclear industry.

“A visionary is someone who is able to communicate their view of the future, and they support that view by developing the right plan, engaging the right people and ensuring their commitment to reach a common goal,” the American Nuclear Society said. “Awardees earned this recognition for their roles in ensuring that nuclear power remains a safe, viable energy source and their continued efforts in educating the public on the advantages of nuclear power.”

Others receiving the award are: Donald C. Hintz, president and CEO of Entergy Operations Inc. and chairman of NEI’s board of directors; and A.C. (Fred) Tollison, executive vice president of the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations.

Colvin has served as NEI’s chief executive officer since 1996 after serving two years as the Institute’s executive vice president and chief operating officer. Prior to joining NEI at its formation in 1994, he held numerous executive level positions in the civilian nuclear energy industry, including serving as president and chief executive officer of the Nuclear Management and Resources Council. He also served for more 20 years in the U.S. Navy as a nuclear submarine officer.

“I remember hearing very early in my career that the best way to appear smart is to surround yourself with smart people,” Colvin said in accepting the award. “I have taken that to heart over my career, and that’s why I’m proud to accept this Future Vision Award on behalf of the Nuclear Energy Institute and all of the talented, hard-working people of the nuclear industry who share a common vision.

“Last year we celebrated the first 50 years of our industry’s success, and it’s a great pleasure for me to receive this award as we begin the next 50 years. I believe that the nuclear industry has a profoundly important contribution to make to the future. The world population will more than double by mid-century, placing ever greater stress on our ecosystem. We have an important role to play in helping that larger population to achieve a sustainable existence on this increasingly fragile planet.

“The generation of electricity from nuclear energy will only grow in importance, I am convinced, as both its advantages, and the limitations of the alternatives, imprint themselves on the public mind. And electricity generation may well be eclipsed in importance by nuclear energy’s ability to produce hydrogen cleanly, and by its use to produce clean water throughout the world where it is desperately needed.”


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