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Nuclear Energy Institute
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 14, 2002
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NEI Applauds President Bush's Recognition Of Nuclear Energy as Clean-Air Electricity Source

WASHINGTON—In announcing an initiative today to reduce emissions of air pollutants, President Bush said, "We'll promote renewable energy production and clean-coal technology as well as nuclear power, which produces no greenhouse gas emissions." Separately, the Energy Information Administration released its annual report on "Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gases, 2000." The report identified the performance of nuclear power plants as the largest factor in reductions of greenhouse gases. The following statement by Nuclear Energy Institute Senior Vice President Marvin Fertel is the industry's response to the EIA report and President Bush's global climate change initiatives:

"The nuclear energy industry applauds President Bush for recognizing the importance of nuclear energy-America's largest source of electricity that does not pollute the air-in combating the threat of global climate change. The Energy Information Administration report further reinforces how vital nuclear energy is to greenhouse gas abatement given the President's bold strategy to clean the air.

"It would be difficult to achieve the President's aggressive clean air goals without nuclear energy. The Energy Information Administration's report states that nuclear energy projects provided the largest reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, even though only 2.6 percent of the 1,882 projects reported by U.S. companies and other organizations to the government's voluntary program to reduce, avoid, or sequester greenhouse gas emissions were related to nuclear energy. No other source provides such dramatic emission reductions.

"By calling for an increased reliance on nuclear energy in the Administration's comprehensive energy policy, President Bush clearly is committed to ensuring America's energy and environmental security. The nuclear energy industry shares his commitment to improve the environment, and we will continue our pursuit of excellence in providing Americans with clean, reliable and affordable electricity."


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