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NEI Applauds Successful Nuclear Energy Security Summit in Korea

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Industry executives and nongovernmental organizations participated in an industry summit held in advance of the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit. The meeting expanded important groundwork laid at the 2010 industry summit held in Washington, D.C., to advance the nuclear energy industry’s role in enhancing nuclear security. The following is a statement by Marvin S. Fertel, president and chief executive officer at the Nuclear Energy Institute.

“Our industry has demonstrated a strong commitment to safety and security by working together to promote the safe and secure use of nuclear energy. This commitment has been the foundation of our actions moving into this year’s summit.

“The working groups at the summit addressed many important issues including international security of nuclear energy technology and materials, cyber security, the availability of life-saving medical radioisotopes, and international proliferation controls. There is a shared commitment among the global industry to ensure the security of nuclear materials. The active participation of those nations involved in the production and management of nuclear materials, along with those experienced in nuclear energy generation, is critical to meeting this commitment.

“The industry is making progress toward replacing the use of highly enriched uranium in medical and research applications and securing this material. In addition, as nuclear energy production expands in developed and developing nations alike, the nuclear energy community will continue to strengthen our global commitment to safety, security and nonproliferation. The cooperative engagement among government leaders is essential to be successful in this endeavor.

“This meeting was part of an ongoing engagement by the global industry to provide input to government policy, share lessons learned and best practices, and ensure that we continue to operate in a manner that prioritizes safety and security above all other matters.”