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NEI Commends Consumer Group’s Energy Policy Recommendations

WASHINGTON—The Consumer Energy Council of America (CECA), a public interest energy policy organization, released its Fuels and Technologies Forum’s “Fueling the Future: Better Ways to Use America’s Fuel Options” report today. The report offers a comprehensive approach for national energy policy. Following is a statement from Angelina S. Howard, Nuclear Energy Institute vice president, office of the president.

“The Consumer Energy Council provides an objective blueprint for legislative and regulatory action that offers a pathway to effectively deal with the nation’s energy issues. The Nuclear Energy Institute urges every member of Congress and the executive branch of the government to study this report and work together to implement its recommendations.

“The report clearly points out that all energy sources, including nuclear energy and energy efficiencies, are needed to meet the nation’s energy requirements. CECA recognizes that specific policies are needed to get the maximum benefits from each fuel type to meet the explosive growth in demand we will witness over the next quarter-century.

“We are pleased that the CECA report recommends expedited implementation of the nuclear financial incentives including loan guarantees, production tax credits and the standby support insurance feature encompassed in last year’s energy bill. The report also calls for the Department of Energy to submit the Yucca Mountain license application to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and for Congress to pass legislation to authorize interim storage of used nuclear fuel at a federal facility and remove the nuclear waste fund from the congressional budget rules that constrain its use at the repository.”


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