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NEI Congratulates Abraham on His Confirmation as Energy Secretary

WASHINGTON—The United States Senate on Saturday confirmed Spencer Abraham as Secretary of Energy. The following statement is from Joe F. Colvin, president and chief executive officer of the Nuclear Energy Institute, in response to the Senate's action:

"The nuclear energy industry congratulates Spencer Abraham on his confirmation, and applauds the United States Senate for acting on his nomination so expeditiously. Secretary Abraham is an accomplished public servant whose political know-how, broad world vision and drive to achieve positive results will serve the nation well.

"He assumes office at a time of tremendous opportunity in the world's energy sector. Secretary Abraham shares our belief that national security depends on energy security, and he recognizes the value to our nation of a diverse energy portfolio that includes nuclear energy. We are hopeful that in the months and years to come, he will advance policies that will strengthen nuclear energy as a key component of the U.S. energy portfolio.

"Nuclear energy is the only expandable, large-scale electricity source that avoids emissions and can meet the baseload energy demands of a growing, modern economy. Thus, it is critical to our nation's economic and environmental future. The industry looks forward to working with Secretary Abraham to maximize nuclear energy's contributions to the nation's economic and environmental well-being."


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