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NEI Congratulates Spurgeon on His Confirmation As Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy

WASHINGTON—The U.S. Senate voted 88-0 Monday to approve the nomination of Dennis Spurgeon to be Assistant Secretary of Energy for Nuclear Energy. The following is a statement on the confirmation vote by Alex Flint, the Nuclear Energy Institute’s senior vice president of governmental affairs:

“The nuclear energy industry congratulates Dennis Spurgeon on the bipartisan approval of his nomination. Assistant Secretary Spurgeon has a wealth of knowledge on energy issues generally and on nuclear energy specifically. His leadership in the Office of Nuclear Energy will be tremendously beneficial to the Department of Energy as it seeks to implement the president’s Advanced Energy Initiative and strengthen U.S. energy security.

“Assistant Secretary Spurgeon assumes offices at a moment of great opportunity for the country. Nuclear energy is the only expandable, large-scale electricity source that prevents greenhouse gas emissions and can meet the baseload energy demands of a growing, modern economy. It is therefore crucial to our nation’s economic and environmental future. The nuclear energy industry and NEI look forward to working with him to maximize nuclear energy’s role at a time when, by DOE’s own projections, electricity demand will grow 45 percent by 2030.”


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