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Nuclear Energy Institute
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 13, 2000
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NEI Creates Policy & Planning Division, Realigns Business Operations Division

WASHINGTON—The Nuclear Energy Institute today announced a new organizational structure that aligns the policy organization more closely with the global nuclear technology industry that it represents.

"The new organizational structure will enhance our ability to provide policy leadership to the industry as it continues the dramatic transition to a competitive marketplace,” said Joe F. Colvin, NEI president and chief executive officer. “The reorganization will also position the Institute to be more innovative and efficient during this time of industry consolidation and new market opportunity."

Executive Vice President Angie Howard will direct a new Policy, Planning and External Affairs Division. The division will establish and coordinate public policy for the nuclear industry and provide a liaison with other public policy groups and non-governmental organizations on energy and environmental policies of common interest. The division also will be responsible for NEI member services and outreach as well as coordinate more than 70 conferences and workshops held annually by the Institute.

Howard was elected Executive Vice President last May and also served as division director for the Industry Communications Division. Scott Peterson, a senior director at NEI, will succeed Howard in that role and lead the Communications Division, which includes media relations, advertising, editorial and creative services, and member communications.

The Nuclear Infrastructure Support and International Programs Division has been recast to reflect the changing electric industry marketplace and now will be the Business Operations Division. This division will help the industry capitalize on the added value realized by safe, efficient nuclear power plants in deregulated electricity markets. Senior Vice President Marvin Fertel will continue to direct this division, which includes these activities: business programs, business services, environmental programs, and fuel supply and used nuclear fuel management. NEI’s environmental policy and benchmarking programs will move to the Business Operations Division, reflecting NEI’s comprehensive approach to the business aspects of the industry.

NEI’s material licensee department, which includes companies that manufacture medical isotopes and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, will now be in NEI’s Nuclear Generation Division, which is headed by Senior Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer Ralph Beedle. Senior Director Steve Floyd will head a new Regulatory Reform Department within the Nuclear Generation Division. Floyd will lead the Institute’s performance-based regulation and licensing activities.


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