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Nuclear Energy Institute
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NEI Elects Fluor’s Pitts to Board of Directors, Pacific Gas’ Morrow to Executive Committee

WASHINGTON —The Nuclear Energy Institute has elected William T. Morrow, president and chief executive officer of Pacific Gas and Electric Co., to its executive committee to fill the unexpired term of Thomas B. King, who left the company in July.

Morrow has served as president and CEO of Pacific Gas and Electric since 2006. Before joining the company, he spent more than a decade as a senior executive with Vodafone working on three continents. He served as CEO of Vodafone’s Europe region, president of Vodafone Japan, CEO of Vodafone UK, and president of Japan Telecom.

NEI also elected Ron Pitts, senior vice president, Nuclear Power, Fluor Enterprises, to fill an unexpired term on its board of directors. Pitts replaces Richard Graves, Fluor’s senior executive for power services, on the board.

All U.S. nuclear plant licensees and selected representatives of other companies involved in nuclear technologies are members of the NEI board of directors. The executive committee sets broad policy for the nuclear industry.