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Nuclear Energy Institute
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NEI Launches Campaign Promoting Environmental, Energy Security Benefits of Nuclear Energy

WASHINGTON—The U.S. nuclear energy industry today kicked off its 2003 advertising campaign to promote nuclear energy as an efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly domestic source of electricity.

The advertising campaign, sponsored by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), features TV, radio and print advertisements with the “Nuclear—The Clean Air Energy” theme. The ads stress that nuclear already provides about 20 percent of America’s electricity without polluting the air, and that such an environmentally friendly source of energy will be vital in meeting the energy needs of future generations.

“Polls show that nearly 70 percent of Americans support nuclear energy’s continued important role as a domestic and secure source of energy for our country today and in the future,” said Scott Peterson, NEI vice president for communications. “As the U.S. Congress considers broad energy policy, this campaign will inform Washington decision-makers about the benefits of nuclear energy, including the fact that nuclear energy provides consumers with an amount of electricity equivalent to 457 million barrels of oil every year.”

Peterson pointed to the unique role of nuclear energy in President Bush’s vision of a hydrogen economy. “Hydrogen fuel cells promise a new era of clean vehicles,” he said. “Nuclear power is an emission-free energy that’s ideal for generating the electricity necessary to produce hydrogen, and make hydrogen-powered vehicles a win-win situation for our environment.”

Copies of NEI’s advertisements are available from NEI’s advertising agency, Smith & Harroff, Inc., by calling Rick Morris at (703) 740-1753.


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