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NEI Praises Congress for Completing Work On Nuclear Waste Bill That Merits President's Signature

WASHINGTON—The U.S. Senate today enrolled The Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act of 2000 (S.1287), the final congressional action before sending President Clinton this important reform legislation. The following is a statement by Joe F. Colvin, president and chief executive officer of the Nuclear Energy Institute, on this milestone.

"The nuclear energy industry applauds the bipartisan majorities of senators and House members for their support-and Majority Leader Lott, Chairman Murkowski and Speaker Hastert for their leadership-in passing the Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act and building an effective framework for safe disposal of used nuclear fuel. For the first time, Congress has given President Clinton the opportunity to provide the environmental stewardship the federal government owes the American people in managing used nuclear fuel and radioactive defense waste.

"For 17 years, electricity consumers have honored their obligation to this environmental program by committing $16 billion to date for the government to move used fuel from more than 70 sites in 33 states to a single remote disposal facility. By passing S.1287, Congress has done its part to craft much-needed improvements that will keep the government's program on a clear schedule and budget to meet its legal commitment to manage used nuclear fuel.

"Now it's President Clinton's turn to demonstrate leadership by acknowledging that the Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act meets the administration's stated objectives and merits his signature. The president’s approval of S.1287 will help assure that nuclear energy-the nation's largest source of emission-free electricity-can continue to help the United States meet its ambitious environmental and economic goals in the new century.

"The millions of men and women in America’s nuclear industry urge President Clinton to sign the Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act into law for the benefit of today’s Americans and generations to come."


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