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NEI Praises Ohio Legislature for Including Nuclear in Clean Electricity Requirements

WASHINGTON—The Ohio Senate yesterday unanimously passed an energy and utility bill that includes a provision allowing nuclear energy to count toward the state’s clean electricity generation requirements, called “advanced energy projects,” of 25 percent by 2025. The Senate bill follows similar action taken in the Ohio House of Representatives a day earlier. Following is a statement by Alex Flint, NEI senior vice president of governmental affairs.

“We congratulate the Ohio General Assembly for working together in an open, bipartisan manner to pass this forward-thinking legislation that recognizes the immense emission-free benefits of nuclear energy. Recognizing nuclear energy as a valuable part of the portfolio of the ‘advanced energy’ family is good public policy that will provide an important catalyst in enabling the state to achieve its goal of having one-fourth of its generation come from non-emitting sources by 2025. Nuclear power plants, on average, have among the lowest electricity production costs so this is good for Ohio consumers and for economic growth.

“The successful outcome of this process that saw a Democratic governor initiate legislation and work closely with a Republican legislature to make it acceptable to all parties provides a benchmark that other states should consider following.”