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Nuclear Energy Institute
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 21, 2005
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NEI Welcomes Equitable Treatment of Nuclear Energy in Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

WASHINGTON—Seven northeastern states announced an agreement yesterday to implement the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. The states’ signing of a memorandum of understanding advances what the states describe as “the first mandatory cap-and-trade program in the United States” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Following is a statement by Mary Quillian, the Nuclear Energy Institute’s director of business and environmental policy.

“Given nuclear power’s importance as a clean-air energy technology, the Nuclear Energy Institute is pleased to see that, in the two sections of the memorandum of understanding that discuss non-emitting generation, all non-emitting sources are included. This means that nuclear energy and renewable generation – appropriately – are treated equally.

“The inclusion of nuclear energy as a technology that can help prevent greenhouse gas emissions means residents can continue to benefit from nuclear energy’s ability to provide large amounts of reliable, around-the-clock power – even during periods of extreme weather – while improving air quality.

“Nuclear energy provides more than 70 percent of the electricity generated in the United States by emission-free sources of energy, including renewables and hydroelectric power plants, and it provides more than 30 percent of the electricity that comes from all sources of electricity in the Northeastern United States.”


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