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Nuclear Energy Institute
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NEI's Carbon Footprint Reported in Pioneering Effort With Climate Registry to Reduce Emissions

WASHINGTON, D.C.—As part of the Nuclear Energy Institute’s commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and protect the environment, the nuclear energy industry’s policy organization has reported to The Climate Registry that its greenhouse gas emissions in 2009 totaled fewer than 675 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. NEI reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by more than 12 percent from the 769 metric tons of CO2 equivalent reported in 2008.

The report has been verified as accurate by Advanced Waste Management Systems Inc. and will be used as a benchmark for future efforts to reduce NEI’s greenhouse gas emissions.

NEI joined The Climate Registry in 2008 as a founding reporter, agreeing to voluntarily measure and publicly report the organization’s greenhouse gas emissions each year. NEI is working with First Environment, a consulting firm that provides greenhouse gas emissions inventory support, to establish its carbon footprint and take actions to reduce and mitigate that footprint.

“Now that we have determined and independently verified our level of greenhouse gas emissions, we can proceed to the important next phase of developing and implementing steps to reduce carbon emissions going forward,” said NEI President and Chief Executive Officer Marvin Fertel. “As a founding reporter of The Climate Registry, we want to lead by example in demonstrating NEI’s commitment to protect the environment.”

The inventory of NEI’s greenhouse gas emissions encompasses its operations throughout the United States. It includes emissions associated with its Washington, D.C. offices, satellite offices, business travel, and conferences and events.

The greenhouse gas measurements were documented using The Climate Registry’s general reporting protocol. Because all reporters use the same methodologies, representing best practice in voluntary corporate reporting of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), the reported data is an accurate, consistent, high-quality data set of GHG emissions. The protocol is based on the internationally recognized GHG measurement standards of the World Resources Institute and World Business Council on Sustainability.

The Climate Registry is a non-profit organization established to measure and publicly report greenhouse gas emissions in a common, accurate and transparent manner consistent across industry sectors and borders. Thirty-nine U.S. states, six Canadian provinces, three Native American tribes, two Mexican states and the District of Columbia are the founders of the organization. NEI and more than 240 other non-profit, corporate and government entities voluntarily joined as founding reporters to support the registry’s formation. See for more information.

“Given nuclear energy’s prominent role as the largest source of carbon-free electricity in the United States—and second-largest globally behind hydroelectric power plants—the Nuclear Energy Institute feels a special obligation to assume a leadership role in environmental protection. Our efforts with The Climate Registry reflect our commitment to live up to that obligation,” Fertel said.