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Nuclear Energy Industry Embarks on Fifth Annual Blood Drive

WASHINGTON—The nuclear industry will contribute a different kind of energy to neighboring communities throughout the United States this summer. The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), America's Blood Centers and the American Red Cross will sponsor the fifth annual Energy for Life blood drive between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

The blood drive will take place at more than 60 nuclear-technology organizations across the nation to help prevent severe blood shortages during this period of particularly low supply. More than 13,000 units of blood have been donated by nuclear industry employees over the past four years. This year’s goal is 5,000 donations. Each donation has the power to save as many as three lives, according to the American Red Cross.

“We truly value our longstanding relationship with the nuclear facilities that partner each year with NEI for the Energy for Life blood drive campaign,” said Allan Ross, Chief Operating Officer, Biomedical Services American Red Cross. “The Energy for Life campaign helps support blood collections during the critical summer period when donations may decline, but the need for blood never takes a vacation.

“This campaign has provided blood and blood products that helped save nearly 40,000 cancer and surgical patients and accident victims since its inception in 2000. This kind of leadership and initiative can serve as a model for organizations across America.”

Healthy donors who are at least 17 years old and weigh at least 110 pounds are needed to give blood to ensure an adequate supply for all patients who need it. To learn the location of the nearest blood center, please visit the web sites of America's Blood Centers,, or the American Red Cross, Donors may call toll free – America’s Blood Centers at 1-888-US BLOOD or the American Red Cross at 1-800-GIVE-LIFE.

“Nuclear energy facilities have always taken pride in being actively engaged with the customers and communities they serve, and their traditional strong support of community blood drives is a commitment they stand by year in and year out,” said Angie Howard, NEI executive vice president. “The nuclear industry’s partnering with these blood centers nationwide enables us to make a valuable contribution toward enhancing and even saving the lives of our neighbors who are most in need.”

America’s Blood Centers President, Louis Katz, M.D., said the continuing support of the nuclear energy industry “plays an important role not only by helping increase summer blood donations, but also in our efforts to educate potential donors about how important the simple act of giving blood is to the lives of millions of Americans. The simple fact is that each pint of donated blood could save up to three lives.”

For specific blood drive dates and times please contact Suzanne Stuart at NEI at 202.739.8005.


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