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Nuclear Energy Industry Welcomes Full Complement of NRC Commissioners

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The U.S. Senate today confirmed the nominations of George Apostolakis, Bill Magwood and Bill Ostendorff to serve as commissioners on the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Following is a statement by Tony Pietrangelo, the Nuclear Energy Institute’s senior vice president and chief nuclear officer.

“The Nuclear Energy Institute heartily congratulates these three highly qualified individuals on their confirmation as commissioners to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The length and breadth of their collective knowledge and experience will be invaluable to meet the commission’s challenges in the years to come.

“The U.S. nuclear industry is in the midst of a revitalization that will see a number of new nuclear energy facilities built in the next two decades. In addition, the commission’s public safety mission requires it to provide effective oversight of facilities already operating, including license extension applications and applications for generating capacity uprates. These confirmations will benefit the nation as a whole by giving the NRC its first full complement of commissioners in years and providing added perspective and insight into all nuclear-related issues.

“The new commissioners are well-versed in the scientific, public policy and regulatory aspects of the commercial nuclear sector that will enhance the NRC’s ability to fulfill its mission through a predictable and fair regulatory regimen to ensure the overriding goal of safety. We look forward to working with them to assure that safety continues to be the hallmark of the civilian nuclear energy sector.

“NEI also commends outgoing Commissioner Dale Klein for his years of service to the nation. As former NRC chairman and as a commissioner, he demonstrated great professionalism and integrity, and tremendous dedication to the agency’s oversight role.”