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Nuclear Energy Institute
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 01, 2010
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Nuclear Energy Industry Welcomes House Approval of Fiscal 2012 Spending Measure

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The U.S. House of Representatives yesterday approved H.R. 5866, the Nuclear Energy Research and Development Act of 2010. The bill authorizes the Department of Energy to fund advanced research and development programs on various aspects of nuclear energy. Following is a statement from Alex Flint, the nuclear Energy Institute’s senior vice president of governmental relations.

“The House of Representatives’ vote to invest in nuclear energy is an important one. In providing bipartisan support for this legislation, House members are voicing confidence in nuclear energy’s ability to help meet the energy, security and environmental challenges that confront our nation in the coming decades.

“The Nuclear Energy Institute thanks Science Committee Chairman Bart Gordon and Ranking Member Ralph Hall for their leadership in securing approval of this forward-looking legislation by the full House. NEI also thanks Representatives Brian Baird of Washington and Bob Inglis of South Carolina for authoring this bill.

“This bill provides authorization for significant federal investment in pursuit of advances in innovation, safety and efficiency that will help nuclear energy technologies play an even greater role in our society. It authorizes nearly $1.3 billion in nuclear energy research and development through fiscal year 2013 to help take state-of-the-art technologies from the laboratory and make them available for commercial application. This includes support on a cost-shared, government-industry basis for smaller reactor designs that hold great promise.

“This legislation also authorizes increases in nuclear fuel cycle research and development program activities to improve our ability to recycle used nuclear fuel with technologies that have enhanced nonproliferation characteristics.

“As the bill moves forward in the legislative process, we look forward to working with members of the Senate to make refinements in Section 10 (Emergency Risk Assessment) that will enhance the long-term value of this legislation to the American people.”