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Nuclear Energy Institute Commends Entergy, NRC Upon Issuance of Grand Gulf Site Permit

WASHINGTON—The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) today issued Entergy Corp. an early site permit for the Grand Gulf nuclear power plant site in western Mississippi. Following is a statement from Frank L. (Skip) Bowman, the Nuclear Energy Institute’s president and chief executive officer.

“The issuance of the early site permit for Grand Gulf is a significant achievement for Entergy and the nuclear energy industry. This is the second siting permit granted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in a month’s time, and just the second ever. The permit could pave the way for the eventual construction and operation of a new nuclear power plant capable of cleanly and reliably supplying large amounts of electricity to meet growing energy needs.

“NEI congratulates Entergy for its pioneering spirit, expertise and dedicated focus in this process. Entergy is at the forefront of companies paving the way for new nuclear power plants that will provide emission-free electricity for decades to come. We also commend the NRC for its thoroughness in completing this complex process and in establishing a baseline to approve future applications expeditiously.

“The early site permit certifies that the Grand Gulf site is environmentally appropriate for a new reactor and fulfills a requirement of the broader construction and operating license application that NuStart, a consortium of 12 nuclear companies that includes Entergy, is expected to submit to the NRC by the end of this year.

“America faces significant challenges in meeting the burgeoning growth in electricity demand in a manner that protects our air quality and environment in the coming decades. In the face of these challenges, nuclear energy must continue to be a vital part of our electricity portfolio. Nuclear power plants are a safe and secure source of electricity that help keep the air clean.”


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