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Nuclear Energy Institute
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Nuclear Energy Institute Praises Sen. Domenici For Decades of Leadership in Energy Policy

“The nation owes a huge debt of gratitude to Pete Domenici for his 35 years of leadership in energy policy, which has lifted our quality of life and powered the economic engine that drives America’s prosperity. I personally salute his service to our nation.
“Senator Domenici has been a stalwart leader on energy and environmental issues in the U.S. Senate. Ten years ago, Senator Domenici delivered a seminal speech on the ‘New Nuclear Paradigm’ at Harvard University. Today, he continues to be a driver of a nuclear energy renaissance in the United States through his leadership on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.
“Beyond Capitol Hill, Senator Domenici’s commitment to discuss nuclear energy’s essential role in energy policy with decision-makers has been a vital factor in the dialogue about the importance of nuclear energy’s role in energizing the world and protecting our air quality.
“Senator Domenici in 2006 received the nuclear energy industry’s William S. Lee Award for Leadership for providing exceptional leadership on comprehensive energy policy for America—the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Since enactment of the law, 17 companies or consortia have announced that they are preparing combined construction and operating license applications for as many as 31 advanced-design reactors.
“We look forward to continuing to work with Senator Domenici through this Congress and wish him well in his future endeavors.”