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Nuclear Energy Institute
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Nuclear Energy Institute Re-Elects Exelon’s Rowe As Chairman, OPPD’s Gates as Vice Chairman

CHICAGO, May 5, 2008—The Nuclear Energy Institute has re-elected John W. Rowe, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Exelon Corp., as chairman of its board of directors. NEI also has re-elected W. Gary Gates, president and CEO of the Omaha Public Power District, as vice chairman of the board.

NEI elected two new members and re-elected three members to its board of directors. Three new members were elected to the board’s executive committee, and three members were re-elected to the executive committee.

The newly elected members of NEI’s executive committee, which sets broad policy for the industry, are:

  • John A. Fees, CEO, The Babcock & Wilcox Co.;
  • David M. Ratcliffe, chairman, president and CEO of The Southern Co.; and
  • E. James Reinsch, president, Bechtel Nuclear.

Re-elected to the executive committee are:

  • W. Gary Gates;
  • Gerald W. Grandey, president and CEO, Cameco Corp.; and
  • Thomas D. Kilgore, president and CEO, Tennessee Valley Authority.

Newly elected to the NEI board of directors are:

  • Dr. Aris S. Candris, senior vice president, nuclear services, Westinghouse Electric Co.; and
  • Dr. Audeen Fentiman, associate dean of engineering for graduate education and interdisciplinary programs and professor of nuclear engineering, Purdue University.

The re-elected board members are:

  • John A. Fees;
  • George D. Turner, president and CEO, American Nuclear Insurers; and
  • Alan W. Wendorf, chairman and CEO, Sargent & Lundy.

Executives from all companies that hold licenses to operate nuclear power plants and selected representatives of other companies involved in commercial nuclear technologies are members of the NEI board of directors. Members of the board and its executive committee typically serve three-year terms, and officers are elected annually.

The following NEI officers were re-elected:

  • Frank L. Bowman, president and CEO;
  • Marvin S. Fertel, executive vice president;
  • Alex Flint, senior vice president;
  • Angelina S. Howard, Richard J. Myers, J. Scott Peterson and Anthony R. Pietrangelo, vice presidents;
  • Ellen C. Ginsberg, vice president and secretary;
  • Phyllis M. Rich, vice president and treasurer; and
  • Lisa I. Steward, assistant secretary.