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Nuclear Energy Institute
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 08, 2006
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Post-Election Reality: Bipartisan Support Is Linchpin of Energy Policy, NEI Says

WASHINGTON—Nuclear Energy Institute President and Chief Executive Officer Frank L. “Skip” Bowman made the following remarks in response to the results of yesterday’s congressional elections:

“Nuclear energy has enjoyed a tremendous resurgence and broad support in recent sessions of Congress. Increasingly, we have seen bipartisan support as both Republican organizations and groups traditionally aligned with Democratic interests, such as labor organizations and environmentalists, have come to appreciate the benefits of nuclear energy. This dynamic, plus the tremendous need for electricity during the next 20 years, has positioned nuclear energy well among a bipartisan base of supporters.

“To be successful in enacting the energy and environmental policies that make sense for America, including an expanded role for nuclear energy, there must be stable bipartisan political support over the long-term. Our industry’s objective has been to develop supporters regardless of political affiliation. Good public policy is crafted upon accepted middle ground. In energy policy, that means members from all parties working together on a mixture of energy conservation and production options.

“We look forward to the enthusiasm and fresh ideas that the new members of Congress will bring to Washington. We believe they will bring to the Congress a strong recognition of the role for nuclear energy that we are seeing across the country. Although the Energy Policy Act of 2005 provides a foundation for our future energy policy, much more work is needed to help reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources. Beginning next year, electric companies will begin submitting license applications to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the construction of new nuclear plants as one of the ways to meet our fast-growing electricity needs. As these and other large energy projects move forward, Congress must ensure that policies are in place to help meet our energy needs in a manner that protects the environment and promotes economic growth.”


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